Paddling on the Danube

Information on long-distance paddling in the Upper Danube Nature Park

On a boat trip on the Danube, you can experience pure nature. While paddling in the middle of the valley, surrounded by imposing cliffs, the impressive panorama of the Danube Valley shows itself from a completely different angle.

But the area is also of great importance for wildlife. Therefore boating on the Upper Danube is limited.

From Geisingen to Mühlheim:

No boating regulation, but most of the time there is not enough water for paddling due to the Danube Sinkhole.

From Mühlheim to Beuron:

Year-round boating ban.

From Beuron to Hundersingen:

A boating permit is required year-round.

Boating regulation 

From Binzwangen to Rottenacker:

A boating permit is required from March to June.

You can get boating permits at the nature conservation center ("Haus der Natur") in Beuron  +49 7466/9280-0,